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Paden + Allison Lipe

"The music of the Gospel knows no borders." -Unknown

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Paden + Allison's Story

Paden and Allison Lipe met in an unconventional way - doing musical theatre in college. After being cast as The Beast and Belle in their university's production of Beauty & the Beast, Paden and Allison began a deep friendship that would later turn into a blossoming marriage.

Paden grew up on a family farm in South Carolina, while Allison - daughter of STC Founders, Bob and Tessa Yeater - grew up on the mission field.


After getting married and completing college, Paden and Allison felt God calling them to be missionaries full-time. At the beginning of 2021, they packed up their lives and moved to Guatemala, unsure of how God was going to use their various artistic gifts + passions for the Gospel. After only a few month, a door opened for them to open an arts program, called the Guatemala Academy of Performing Arts (GAPA). For the past year and a half, they have been using theatre and music to reach young artists in Guatemala with the best News of all time. Apart from this, they will be welcoming their daughter into the world this June!

Allison and Paden joined Team STC, officially, in 2022. Allison does all of STC's marketing, while Paden oversees The Original 502, a brand new coffee ministry. They work together doing marketing, creating content, and using their "unconventional" gifts for the God who loves to use everything for His glory.

You can read more about Paden + Allison's artistic missions work at 


If you feeling passionately about using it ALL for God's glory

-- no matter what calling is on your life -- partner with Paden and Allison as a one-time or monthly sponsor.

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